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Merry Christmas

santaThere are many different ways to mark the holiday season. But for many of those who have participated on our yearly ecumenical fellowship, there is no better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than through Bethlehem on Broad Street at the First Congregational Church, 444 E. Broad Street


Christmas Day Sadly Scaled Back this year - The Christmas Celebration of Jesus’ birth will be celebrated again this year. But this year, in order to offer a safe environment, we will be offering a light meal-to-go--outside the church on Christmas morning.

As usual the meal will be offered freely while the limitations of masked, safe-distancing will be observed. The celebration will begin at 9:30 a.m. and continue until 11:30.

What can I do?

Bethlehem on Broad Street normally relies on about 1,000 volunteers to carry out all the events. This year, volunteers are urged to consider making a generous donation. Only a small crew, outdoors, will be needed on Christmas day.

To Donate

Cash donations are especially important this year. PLEASE DONATE HERE. Please be sure to specify B.O.B.S. in the pull-down menu. Thank You.